Ireland for Jesus!

Ireland for Jesus!

| 1 December 2017
Ireland For Jesus!

Ireland for Jesus! What a cry! 
Ireland for Jesus! We must try 
To lift the name of Jesus higher 
By our walk others inspire 
To look to Jesus and Him desire 
For Ireland needs the Lord! 

Ireland for Jesus! No better aim! 
Ireland for Jesus! A holy flame 
Is needed to spread across this land 
To cleanse and heal; to save from harm, for 
Every boy and girl; every woman and man 
In Ireland needs the Lord! 

Ireland for Jesus, We pray, O Lord 
May every corner hear your word 
In this land of ours; this land so fair 
Many are dying and aren’t prepared 
For judgement coming – do we even care 
That Ireland needs the Lord? 

Ireland for Jesus! What a task! 
Ireland for Jesus! Time going fast! 
Let us quicken our hearts; unceasingly pray 
And reach out to sinners while still it is day 
May over this land the cross hold sway 
For Ireland needs the Lord!